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The Wright House

The Wright House
Jane C. Wright, M.D., Class of 1945 (1919-2013)
Advisory Dean: Susan Rachlin, M.D., FACR
House Color - Blue

Jane Wright followed in her father's footsteps and became a doctor and cancer researcher. A 1945 graduate of New York Medical College, Wright went on to become an associate professor of surgical research at New York University and director of cancer chemotherapy research at New York University Medical Center in 1955.

In 1967, she was named professor of surgery, head of the Cancer Chemotherapy Department, and associate dean at New York Medical College, becoming the highest ranking African American woman at a nationally recognized medical institution, and certainly the highest ranked African American Women Physician. In 1971 Wright became the first woman to be elected president of the New York Cancer Society. Dr. Wright retired in 1987, having achieved many "firsts" and having published many research papers on cancer chemotherapy.