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Self Study Organization

Steering Committee Members:

  • Jennifer Koestler, M.D., Chair
  • Gladys Ayala, M.D.
  • Patrick Lento, M.D.
  • Ken Lerea, Ph.D.
  • Ronald Poe
  • C. Andrews Powers, Ph.D.
  • Matthew A. Pravetz, Ph.D.
  • Faye Seltzer
  • Gary W. Stallings, M.D., M.P.H.
  • Carl Thompson, Ph.D.
  • Jennifer Whikehart 


The self-study taskforce is divided into five subcommittees with a College community member as a chair. Members for each subcommittee are chosen based on the needs and focus of the subcommittees.

The NYMC subcommittees and chairs are:

Medical Student Subcommittee Chair: Gladys Ayala, M.D., M.P.H.

Institutional Setting Subcommittee Chair: Mr. Ronald Poe

Educational Program for the M.D. Degree Subcommittee Chair: Matthew A. Pravetz, Ph.D.

Faculty Subcommittee Chair: C. Andrew Powers, Ph.D.