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Medical Student Oath

I pledge, before my peers, teachers and family, that I will be loyal to the ideals of the study and practice of medicine. 

I will learn and practice my art with honor. I will always seek new knowledge and skills, working to create a culture that encourages individual and collective success.

I will take ownership of my actions, acknowledge my mistakes and limitations, and seek guidance from my mentors.

I will appreciate the complexity, diversity and needs of each individual, and will exercise empathy, compassion, and patience. I will recognize my biases and treat all lives with equal dignity and respect.

I will always use my skills and knowledge for good.

I will care for myself and my classmates through the challenges ahead and lead by example for my patients and peers.

I will embody the highest standards of professionalism, and pledge to positively represent the New York Medical College School of Medicine in the community and beyond.

By donning this white coat, I humbly accept the privileges and responsibilities of the study and practice of medicine.