Department of Surgery Current Residents

PGY-5: Chief Residents- Class of 2013
Dr. Christina Jenkins, M.D. (Categorical)
Dr. Irene Lo, M.D. (Categorical)
Dr. Luis Alberton, M.D. (Categorical)
Dr. Pawandeep Hunjan, M.D. (Categorical)
Dr. Susana Samaniego, M.D. (Categorical)

PGY-4: Senior Residents- Class of 2014
Dr. Jai Prakash Singh, M.D. (Categorical)
Dr. Jyoti Sharma, M.D. (Categorical)
Dr. Lorenc Malellari, M.D. (Categorical)
Dr. Roberto Arias, M.D. (Categorical)
Dr. Rodrigo Ruiz, M.D. (Categorical)

PGY-3: Senior Residents- Class of 2015
Dr. Allison Sweny, M.D. (Categorical)
Dr. Arpit Amin, M.D. (Categorical)
Dr. Hanna Alemayehu, M.D. (Categorical)
Dr. Irlna Tantchou, M.D. (Categorical)
Dr. Jose Aquino, M.D. (Categorical)

PGY-2: Junior Residents- Class of 2016
Dr. Gustavo Churrango, M.D. (Categorical)
Dr. Heidi Hansen, M.D. (Categorical)
Dr. Jasvinder Singh, M.D. (Categorical)
Dr. Jeffrey J. Wannares, M.D. (Categorical)
Dr. Gustavo Pena-LaGrave, M.D., (Preliminary)
Dr. Jean Dominique Morancy, M.D. (Preliminary)
Dr. Venkat Ramana Modukuru, M.D. (Preliminary)

PGY-1: Categorical Residents- Class of 2017
Dr. Alexandra Kharazi, M.D. (Categorical)
Dr. Dominick Vitale, M.D. (Categorical)
Dr. Erwin Rusli, M.D. (Categorical)
Dr. Irony Sade, M.D. (Categorical)

Dr. Jai Thakur, M.D. (Preliminary-Neurosurgery)
Dr. Seungwhan Pee, M.D. (Preliminary-General Surgery)

Dr. Jonathan Bloom, M.D. (Urology)
Dr. Mark Ferretti, M.D. (Urology)

Dr. Christina Seifert, M.D. (Orthopedics)
Dr. Gannon Kennedy, M.D. (Orthopedics)
Dr. Jose Inzunza, M.D. (Orthopedics)
Dr. Neal Kaushal, M.D. (Orthopedics)

Important Links for Current Residents:

NYMC Digital Curriculum Database (DCDB)*

Surgical Council On Resident Education (SCORE) Curriculum (CLICK HERE)*

Fundamentals of Surgery Curriculum (PGY 1 only) (CLICK HERE)*
Highly interactive case-based curriculum, developed by the American College of Surgeons, designed specifically for PGY 1 residents

Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery (FLS) (CLICK HERE)*
Online component of the FLS skills lab training program.

CINE-MED Online Video Journal (CLICK HERE)*
Access to the entire American College of Surgeons surgical education video library

Vesalius Clinical Folios (CLICK HERE)

ELM Exchange Online Risk Management Courses (CLICK HERE)*
Interactive, case-based educational modules, developed by Education in Legal Medicine (ELM) Exchange and sponsored by Academic Health Professionals Insurance Association (AHPIA), that cover a variety of topics relating to informed consent, standards of care, and communicating adverse events.

ACGME Resident Case Log System (CLICK HERE)*
All Residents are required to log cases on the ACGME website and should do so as
frequently as possible.

NYMC Library Website (CLICK HERE)

* Website requires unique login. If you do not know your log in information for any website, please contact Olga Mateo-Rodriguez