Department of Surgery Other Important Program Characteristics


Operative Experience

Upon completion of the five-year training program in general surgery; residents will have had operative experience that significantly exceeds Residency Review Committee for Surgery guidelines.  Furthermore, residents will have had exposure to, and actual experience with, an extraordinarily broad range of surgical procedures.  These include general elective procedures, the newest techniques such as laparoscopic surgery, complex abdominal, thoracic and cervical procedures and transplantation.  The Department of Surgery is committed to staying on the leading edge of innovations in technology and surgical techniques, and residents will participate in these advances.

Library Facilities

The library at Westchester Medical Center contains an extensive collection of books, journals and audiotapes managed by certified medical librarians.  Additionally, the library belongs, to several consortia to obtain materials not available on site.  Interlibrary loans and computerized literature searches are available using the resources of the National Library of Medicine.

The Medical Sciences Library of New York Medical College, which also houses the collections of the Westchester Academy of Medicine, is fully accessible by residents.  Its facilities include separate reading and reference areas, study carrels, a history of medicine reading room and computers for literature searches in national and international databases.  All general surgery residents are also granted access to a variety of online resources and databases through the library website.


Westchester Medical Center does offer some on-campus housing.  Many trainees choose to live in the neighboring suburbs where there is a wide choice of housing options, from apartments to townhouses to single family homes.  Convenient parking is available at the Medical Center at all times.

Work Hours

All residency training programs adhere to state regulations regarding house staff scheduling (Part 405.5 of the New York State Health Code) which limits residents to 80 hours per week.

Salary and Benefits

Financial support and professional liability insurance are provided for residents.  White laboratory coats and pagers are supplied and residents’ on-call receives meals in the hospital.  Four weeks paid vacation are granted each year.  Residents are encouraged to attend national meetings and educational leave is available to upper level residents each year.  Leaves of absence associated with scholarly presentations are provided and selected reimbursement for expenses is provided by the department.  Hospitalization insurance and family insurance is available to the residents.