New York Medical College


Faculty Governance Information


The faculty organization is composed of:

1. Elected Faculty Senate

2. President, Executive Vice-President, Secretary and Regional Vice-Presidents for the Basic Sciences and for each of the Academic Medical Centers and University Hospitals.

3. Committees

A. Committees of the Faculty Senate that shall include as members only Senators or Officers of the Faculty Organization. These committees are the Executive Committee, the Nominating Committee and the Grievance Committee.

B. Committees of the Faculty shall include the Student Admissions Committee; Education and Curriculum Committee; Tenure, Appointments and Promotions Committee; Faculty Compensation Committee; Advisory Committee on Graduate Medical Education. Appointments to these committees will be made by the Dean from a preferred list of faculty submitted by the Executive Committee of the Senate. Additional members may be appointed by the Dean in order to ensure an effective committee. The Executive Committee shall also forward to the Dean a list of suggested faculty to chair these respective committees.

C. Standing Committees of the Faculty shall include the Student Promotions Committees; Student Financial Aid Committee; Faculty-Student Relations Committee; Library and Academic Support Committee; Protection of Human Subjects Committee; Animal Care Committee; Radioisotope Committee; Biosafety Committee; Fellowship Review Committee and the Intellectual Property/Patent Committee.