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Faculty Tenure, Appointments and Promotion (TAP)
Information on Faculty Tenure, Appointments and Promotion (TAP) is available from the SOM Office of Faculty Affairs

Junior Faculty Appointment Forms:

General Instructions for NYMC School of Medicine Jr. Faculty Appointment (Instructor and Assistant Professor ranks)

NYMC School of Medicine Faculty Recommendation Form for Jr. Appointment/Promotion


Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences Forms


Ph.D. Committee Membership

M.S. Committee Membership


School of Health Sciences and Practice Forms


Full-time Faculty Self-Assessment Form

Part-time Faculty Self-Assessment Form

CV Guide

School of Health Sciences and Practice forms for Faculty Appointments and Reappointments Process

The Faculty Self-Assessment Forms (full time and part time) and the curriculum vitae form have been made available to you on-line for your convenience and to expedite the Appointments and Promotions Process.

The Self-Assessment form is designed to collect information on your own assessment of your performance as a faculty member over the past academic year. Your self-assessment should be based on student evaluations of your teaching (if applicable), your contributions to the life of the University, and your professional accomplishments. The form also asks you to identify your goals related to teaching, and to suggest topics of interest for faculty development. PLEASE NOTE: the form for full time faculty is different than that for part time faculty. Please be sure to access the correct form.

The Curriculum Vitae form is an outline of the School of Health Sciences and Practice format for faculty vitae. The School of Health Sciences and Practice hopes to eventually get all faculty vitae in this format. If possible, please use it.