New York Medical College



The success of an educational institution comes down to one thing: the quality of its teachers. What matters is the blend of knowledge, dedication, and ingenuity that they bring to their students.


With a teaching cadre of physicians, scientists, researchers and healthcare professionals made up of more than 2,700 individuals—approximately half of whom are full time, encompassing the 6 basic science, 20 clinical science and 4 public health departments— the College affords every student the opportunity to encounter hundreds of faculty members during four years of medical school and in each of its graduate schools.

Scholarly activities by the faculty—occurring on local, regional, national and international levels—are evident in publications, presentations, honors and awards, medical and scientific meetings, visiting professorships and fellowships, and election to study sections, boards and committees in medicine and the biomedical sciences. Hundreds of faculty members are honored annually for publishing hundreds of books, chapters, articles, editorials, reviews and letters in the scientific literature.