New York Medical College

Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences

Campus & Workplace


A variety of institutional policies are intended to promote or ensure a safe and supportive environment for students, researchers, and staff.  Some of these policies may be accessed through the following links.

Sexual harassment policy

New York Medical College is committed to providing all of our students and employees an environment free from conduct constituting harassment and to discipline any student or employee who violates this policy.

E-mail and electronic communications policy

This policies outlines how individual users of the College’s e-mail system should exercise this privilege with courtesy and respect for other users. (2004)

Campus security program

Information for university to promote the safety and security of the academic community on campus.

Student housing rules

This document maintained by the Office of Student Housing contains policies and rules for students living in Valhalla campus housing.

Drug-free school and campus

New York Medical College recognizes its special responsibility to prevent the illicit use of drug or alcohol on College premises by faculty, students and employees.

Smoke-free policy

Recognition of its special responsibility, as a health sciences university, to protect faculty, employees, students and the general public from the harmful effects of smoking.