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Students must discuss their course selections with their graduate program director, whose signature is required on the registration form.  When a student does not have the specified prerequisites for a course, the instructor's signature for that course is also required.  Students without a declared program (non-matriculants) should contact the GSBMS Office for assignment of an advisor who will approve course selections. 

ALL REGISTRATION FORMS MUST BE APPROVED AND SIGNED BY THE GSBMS OFFICE before proceeding to the Registrar's Office.  (This includes any early mail-in registration forms.)  Submit the completed, approved Registration Form to the Registrar's Office (Admin. Bldg., Room 127).  Remember to submit the Address Information form along with your registration form.  If you register after the first day of classes, please bring your registration schedule to class.

Any student who registers for courses and does not pay for them in full will have their account balance placed with a Collection Agency.   A 30% fee will be assessed to the outstanding  balance.


This is an installment payment plan, which applies to tuition only. Information is available from the Bursar's Office or the Graduate School Office.  If you choose this method of payment, you must submit a "New York Medical College Deferred Tuition Payment Application and Clearance Form" to the Bursar when you register.  There is a $40 fee for this service.  Note:  If you have previously enrolled in any payment plan and defaulted on your payments, you will not be permitted to use this plan as a method of payment for tuition.  Any student defaulting on this agreement, will have their student account balance placed with a Collection Agency.  A 30% collection fee will be assessed to the outstanding balance.




To apply for loan assistance, you must be a matriculating student – i.e., enrolled in a degree program – and registered for four or more credits (half time = 4 credits; full-time = 8 credits).  You are required only to report the number of credits you are taking this semester.  Under certain specific circumstances, M.S. students may be classified as full-time despite registering for fewer than 8 credits.  Please contact your program director or the GSBMS office for more information on this policy and the form that must be submitted.

Please contact the Student Financial Planning Office (914-594-4491) well in advance of registration to ensure that all paperwork has been completed. 

Any student receiving Financial Aid must obtain approval from the Financial Planning Office before registering for courses.  If no approval is indicated, the Registrar’s Office will return the registration form to the student.  International students with temporary visas are not eligible for student loans.


All Ph.D. students must submit a Tuition Assessment Form that has been approved and signed by the appropriate Graduate Program Director and the Dean of the Graduate School, and if appropriate, by the student’s dissertation sponsor.   All fees must be paid by the student, with the exception of the computer course fee, which is waived for full-time Ph.D. students.

Regular NYMC non-union employees with at least 1 year of College employment are eligible for 100% tuition remission for a maximum of six credits per semester.  Part-time employees are entitled to a pro-rated benefit. An Application for Graduate School Tuition Remission (HR-67) must be approved by the Human Resources Dept. well in advance of each semester's registration period. The approved form (HR-67) must be submitted at the time of registration.  All fees must be paid by the student.

Spouses and dependent children of NYMC employees:  An Application for Graduate School Tuition Remission (HR-67) must be approved by the Human Resources Dept. prior to each semester's registration. The approved form (HR-67) must be submitted at the time of registration.  The student must pay all fees.

Employees of NYMC Affiliations receive a 10% discount on tuition.  All fees must be paid by the student.  At each semester's registration, a letter from your supervisor, verifying your employment status at the affiliate, printed on stationery from the affiliate must be submitted to the Bursar's Office.


The Bookstore (914-594-4229), located in the Basic Sciences Bldg, carries required textbooks and school supplies.  Bookstore hours are 8:30am to 6:00 pm Mondays through Thursdays and 8:30 am to 3:00 pm on Fridays.  The Bookstore will post a notice if there is any change in hours during the Registration period.  REFUND POLICY:  Required textbooks may be returned for a refund under certain conditions.  You can now order or reserve textbooks on-line.  Go to


Please notify the Registrar's Office in writing, whenever your name, address or emergency contact changes.


The final deadline for filing an Application to Graduate at the College’s annual Commencement is Friday, January 8, 2016.  The fee is $110 for the Ph.D. degree; $100 for the M.S. degree.  Applications can be obtained from the Registrar's Office.  Please note:  M.D./Ph.D. students must file separate graduation applications for each degree.  Commencement Exercises will be in Carnegie Hall.

The deadline for approval of the Master’s Literature Review topic, outline and committee membership (readers) is December 1, 2015.  The deadline for submission of completed and approved Literature Reviews, Theses and Dissertations is Friday, April 1, 2016.


For information on the Student Health Insurance program and/or the Student Health Services program, please contact the GSBMS Office prior to registration.


Bring your receipt of payment to the Security Office located in Room 223C in the Basic Science Building.  If you are a new student, you will be photographed for an I.D. card.  The ID card is used for library access and parking behind BSB.  The Barcode is obtained from the Library.  You must wear your ID card when you are on campus.


If you were born on or after Jan. 1, 1957, please submit your Immunization Record to the GSBMS Office prior to registration.  You will not be allowed to attend class without this record.  This is NY State Law.


All international students must be matriculated, must maintain full-time status and must be in good academic standing.  All new international students must bring their I-20 forms, passports and I-94 cards to Ms. Elizabeth Ward, the International Student & Scholar Advisor, prior to registering for courses.  Immunization forms (new students) and proof of health insurance coverage must be submitted to the GSBMS Office.  If you have questions about your visa status or are planning a trip outside the U.S., please contact Ms. Ward (594-4846).


A request for a leave of absence (for up to one year) should be submitted prior to the start of the semester in which the leave will take effect.  Forms can be obtained from the Registrar's Office.   Withdrawal from the Institution:  If you wish to withdraw from the Graduate School, please complete and submit the appropriate form to the Registrar's Office.


The Health Sciences Library is located in the Basic Sciences Bldg. with a branch location, the Media Library, in the Learning Center.  A valid Library Barcode is required for on-site access and borrowing privileges as well as for off-site access to electronic materials and databases.  For information on orientation sessions, hours, library holdings, classes, etc., visit the library home page at , call (914) 594-4200 or send an e-mail to .  Requests for individual consultations, small group instruction, and larger group presentations are welcomed.


In order to maintain academic standing and library and network privileges, students must enroll in courses or maintain matriculation (COREBMS 1000).   If you do not plan to register for classes or request a Leave of Absence, you should sign-up for maintenance of matriculation on the Registration Form and mail-in or drop-off the form along with a check or money order for $415.  (This amount includes the $15 student activity fee, the $5 network access fee and the $380 maintenance fee.)   Please remember to submit the Address Information form.


During the in-person registration period, you are permitted to park behind the Basic Sciences Building, if space is available.  Please press the buzzer and tell Security that you are here for registration.  For further information on parking, please contact the Security Office (914-594-4226).

FOR INCLEMENT WEATHER INFO, please call 914-594-3600 or 914-594-4110.  You may also check the website for important notices.

Page updated: November 30, 2015