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Please Note:

The Tuition Remission Authorization Form for Ph.D. Students must be picked up at the GSBMS Office.

Program Director’s, Instructor’s, and GSBMS Dean’s Office signatures are required on all registration forms.

MAIL-IN REGISTRATION – Deadline, Friday, August 21, 2009

Students are reminded to fill out Change of Address, Ethnicity Data and/or Emergency Contact forms if there are any changes since the last registration cycle.

Before filling out your registration form, please review the Registration Procedures. 


Full-Time Status Form

Foreign Student Status Form

Definition of full-time status

Student status (full-time, part-time, half-time, leave of absence) is determined on a semester basis for the Fall and Spring terms. Registration is not required during the summer academic session. A student is considered to be in full-time status according to the following conditions.

Ph.D. students are full-time if registered for 12 credits or engaged in an equivalent level of approved academic activity.

M.S. students are full-time under the following conditions:

  • if registered for 8 credits.
  • in the last semester of study, if registered for at least 1 academic credit and if all degree program requirements will be fulfilled at the successful completion of the semester’s program of study. The student must have been in full-time status for at least the prior active semester. It is intended that this classification is to be used no more than once per student per degree.
  • if registered for at least one academic credit for M.S. thesis research while engaged full-time in a research project as part of a Plan B Master’s program. This classification requires that all other program requirements will be fulfilled at the successful completion of the semester’s program of study. This classification may be invoked for no more than two semesters per degree.
  • if registered for at least 6 credits, but for fewer than 8 because of a lack of course offerings appropriate to the student’s program of study. Approved academic activity equivalent to the number of missing credits must be undertaken in order to qualify for full-time status under this classification.


The full-time requirement for international students on student visas may be waived because of language difficulties. The student may register for fewer than 8 credits and use the reduced load to undertake appropriate English language training. This waiver may be invoked only in the first semester of graduate study.

Students who are not full-time are considered part-time or half-time, based on the number of credits relative to the nominal full-time load of 12 credits for Ph.D. programs and 8 credits for M.S. programs.

Students must be matriculated in a degree program in order to be considered full-time.

Process for certification of full-time status for M.S. students registered for fewer than 8 credits

  1. Student obtains form and enters basic information: name, program, etc. US students use Certification of Full-Time Status form; international students use Release of Full-Time Registration Restriction for Foreign Student form.
  2. GPD enters justification for full-time status and expected date-of-finish. GPD keeps copy.
  3. If applicable, the research advisor provides a memo that outlines the purpose and status of the student’s laboratory M.S. thesis research.
  4. Dean reviews and approves, if appropriate. Dean keeps copy and supporting documentation, forwards copy to International Student & Scholar Advisor (ISSA) for international students, forwards top copy to Registrar.
  5. Copies to Registrar, Dean, ISSA, Program Director, as outlined above.
  6. Other offices confirm full-time status through Registrar.


Page updated: November 16, 2015