New York Medical College

Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences

Tuition, Registration and Regulations


Spring 2016 Semester



Tuition (Per Credit Hour) 


Maintenance of Matriculation Fee
($513 +$85 registration fees)




Network Access Fee (per semester)


General Services Fee (per semester)


Student Activity Fee (per semester)


Entrance/Matriculation Fee (one time only)


Reactivation Fee


Late Registration Fee




Application Fee (US)


Application Fee (International)


Readmission Fee


Graduation Fee


Student Lab Fee
(Fundamentals of Animal Research course ONLY)


Tuition refund schedule:
% Refunded
From Monday, January 11 thru Tuesday, January 19 100%
From Wednesday, January 20 thru Tuesday, January 26 75%
From Wednesday, January 27 thru Tuesday, February 2 50%
From Wednesday, February 3 thru Tuesday, February 9 25%
From Wednesday, February 10 and thereafter 0

Students who receive federal student aid are subject to both the general New York Medical College refund policy and a separate Federal Title IV Funds Refund Policy.

Last Day to Withdraw for Spring 2016 Semester: Friday, April 15, 2016

Each semester, official admission to classes is obtained through the registration process and payment of all tuition and fees.

  1. Each semester an official Course Offering is posted on the GSBMS’ Web site that lists the courses being offered, their time and location, and also an identification number (“class number”) for each course.  The course schedule is also posted outside the Dean’s office and additional copies are available there.  On occasion, addenda to the course schedule are announced, noting deletions or additions of courses or changes in scheduled times and rooms.  These addenda are posted outside the GSBMS office.  
  2. In consultation with the Graduate Program Director, the student selects an appropriate program of courses from the official Course Offering issued each semester and enters the selection on the Registration Form.  The student must obtain the signature of the program director to approve the semester’s program.  Non-matriculants will be assigned an ad hoc program director by the GSBMS dean’s office.  If a student has not completed the nominal prerequisites for a particular course, but nonetheless wishes to enroll “with the permission of the instructor,” the student must also obtain the signature of the course instructor.  Certain courses – e.g., those with strict enrollment limits – also require the “permission of the instructor,” as indicated in the Course Offering.
  3. Master’s students may pay tuition in one lump sum by check, money order or credit card (using the Credit Card Payment form).  Alternatively, eligible students may pay tuition in four monthly installments after filing the Deferred Tuition Application and Payment Clearance form.  Students who wish to use student loans to pay for their tuition must apply through the Office of Student Financial Planning well in advance of registration, and must complete and sign all the required forms and loan agreements prior to registration.
  4. Ph.D. students must obtain a Tuition Assessment Form or Summer Tuition Waiver form (summer term only), which must be signed by the GSBMS Dean and the student’s sponsor, if the sponsor’s grant is supporting the tuition charges. 
  5. Master’s students who wish to be considered full-time students must obtain a Certificate of Full-time Status form and have it completed and signed by both the program director and dean.  International students attending on a student visa are required to be enrolled on a full-time basis.  Certain circumstances allow a waiver of this requirement in individual semesters.  The Release of Full-Time Registration Restriction for Foreign Student form is used to request such waivers.
  6. All students must then present their registration paperwork to the Graduate School office, where they will be cleared for registration.
  7. The student then submits the Registration Form to the Registrar’s Office (Room 127, Administration Building).  The student will receive a confirmed schedule of their selected courses.
  8. The student then submits the appropriate payment for tuition and fees to the Bursar (Room 115B, Administration Building).
  9. An advanced registration period is available approximately two months before the beginning of the September and January terms.  Exact dates are posted in the academic calendar for each year.  During this period, the student completes steps 2 through 5 and submits all paperwork with full payment to the Registrar’s Office.
  10. In-person registration takes place approximately one to two weeks before the beginning of the September and January terms.  Exact dates are posted in the academic calendar.  Students registering after the normal registration period are charged a late registration fee in addition to the normal tuition and fees.
  11. Drop/Add period.  For a period of approximately two weeks after the first day of classes, students may change their selection of courses for the semester.  Specifically, they may drop and add an identical number of credits without any additional tuition being charged.  Courses that are dropped officially during this period do not appear on the student’s permanent academic record.  In addition, students may change their status in a course from graded to audit, or vice versa, during the drop/add period.  Credits that are dropped without replacement during this period will result in a full or partial refund of tuition to the student depending upon the exact date the course is dropped.  (See Tuition Refund Schedule above.)  Credits that are added during the drop/add period will be charged at the full semester rate.
  12. Courses from which the student withdraws after the close of the drop/add period will remain on the student’s permanent record with a grade of W (withdraw) or W/F (withdraw, failing).  The W/F “grade” is recorded if the student is failing the course and more than 50% of the final grade has been determined.  Changes in status from graded to audit are not permitted after the end of the drop/add period.
  13. Students are not generally permitted to withdraw from any course after the “last day to withdraw” date, which is approximately three weeks before the end of the semester.  Exceptions may be made for extraordinary circumstances upon petition to the GSBMS Dean.


Page updated: November 16, 2015