New York Medical College

School of Health Sciences and Practice

Graduate Certificate Programs


Students may pursue a graduate certificate in any of the following areas as part of an MPH degree program or independent of a degree program.

Children with Special Health Care Needs (Center for Disabilities and Health - LEND Fellows only)

Emergency Preparedness (Health Policy and Management)

Global Health (Health Policy and Management)

Health Education (Epidemiology and Community Health)

Industrial Hygiene (Environmental Health Science)

Environmental Health Science (Environmental Health Science)

Public Health (Epidemiology and Community Health)

Students who are pursuing the MPH degree may take one certificate program as part of their degree studies. The certificate courses may replace electives in their programs. However, if there are not sufficient credits available, students may have to complete more than 46 credits to receive a certificate and MPH. Students may not undertake more than one certificate as part of their degree program studies.

Whether a student pursues a graduate certificate, independently or as part of a degree program, he/she must successfully complete the prescribed curriculum. Students who wish to add a certificate to their MPH, should submit an Application for Admission to Certificate Program to the Admissions Office at least one semester before graduation.

Upon completion of the certificate courses the student submits a Request to Issue a Certificate to his/her Program Advisor for approval before submission to the Admissions Office. Certificates are mailed directly to students at the address indicated on their request.

Students who begin their educational career in public health by pursuing a graduate certificate independent of a degree program, and who complete the certificate with a 3.0 GPA or higher and meet all other admission requirements may be accepted into an MPH degree program. Credits earned while completing the certificate may, depending upon the MPH degree program chosen, then be applied to the MPH degree.

Occasionally, select graduate credit courses may be open to professionals who want to update their knowledge in specific areas as continuing education students without earning graduate credits. Such individuals are classified as auditors. For further information, please consult the Vice Dean.