New York Medical College

School of Health Sciences and Practice

Graduate Certificate In Management Of Long-term Care Facilities Course Descriptions


HPM 6061 Managing Long-Term Health Care Facilities

This course provides an opportunity to examine the essential skills required for the successful management of a long-term care facility. The focus is on management functions (leadership, planning, organizing, and marketing), human resources, finance (principles of accounting and budgeting), environment (architecture and regulatory) issues, and resident/patient care. The course also examines the multiple aspects of the administrator’s role in the operations and politics of the organization.

HPM 6008 Financial Administration of Health Delivery Systems

Principles and techniques of acute care, long-term care, and ambulatory care financial management are presented. Topics include budgeting, cash flow, inventory management, cost analysis, plant and equipment management, financing and sources of operating revenue.

HPM 5003 Law and Health

This course provides an overview of the legal system, legal issues, and the convergence of public health policy and the law through analysis of contemporary topics using the case method approach.

HPM 6039 Human Resource Management

An institution’s reputation and ability to carry out its mission can only be a reflection of the characteristics and capability of its work force. This course explores the management strategies to integrate a variety of human resource functions into a strategic plan which ensures a high level of employee relations and optimum productivity from a well-trained and motivated work force. It covers a practical plan of action for an institution’s top management.

HPM 6070 Delivering Healthcare Services to the Aged

This course is designed for students interested in the issues around service delivery for the elderly and those preparing for management positions in long-term care and nursing facilities. It focuses on the role and status of the elderly; the major health, social and economic problems affecting the aged; the range of policies and human services available to meet the needs and problems of the aged; and social policy and planning issues related to the gerontological social services system.