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Health Policy And Management - M.P.H.


Pamela Suett
Director of Recruitment


Department Chair:


Director, M.P.H. Studies:

Denise Tahara, M.B.A., Ph.D.

Assistant Dean, Office of eLearning:

Lydia Cavieux, M.P.A.

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OnlineThe MPH in Health Policy and Management is offered on-campus and in a fully online distance learning format.


The public policy, administrative and technological complexities of today’s healthcare industry requires managers and policy makers to have a broad-based education. The courses leading to the MPH degree in Health Policy and Management are designed to provide the student with an understanding of the business, programmatic, planning and policy areas of healthcare. The program prepares students for careers in a wide range of health services and research settings.

An individual program plan is developed for each student based on his or her previous education, experience and career goals.

Faculty members in the program have extensive education and experience in the health field. Among them are healthcare lawyers, executives, researchers, planners, consultants, physicians, nurses and other professionals who have held leadership positions in health and health-related enterprises and government.

A graduate of the MPH in Health Policy and Management is expected to achieve the following program (P) competencies:

HPM P1 -Identify the current issues in the development, organization, financing, and delivery of health services and public health systems in the U.S.

HPM P2 -Describe the development, implementation, and financing of health policy and its impact on consumers, providers and payers.

HPM P3 -Identify new models and emerging trends for healthcare financing.

HPM P4 -Interpret organizational, fiscal, legal and ethical analyses for business and clinical decision-making.

HPM P5 -Demonstrate an understanding of the processes to improve quality of patient care while recognizing and distinguishing between the cost of care and the availability of care.

HPM P6 -Compare and differentiate among business and health outcomes measurement, process/outcomes relationships and methods for process improvement in health organizations.

HPM P7 -Detail the principles of organizational development and apply systems thinking for resolving organizational problems.

HPM P8 -Characterize the structuring and positioning of healthcare organizations to achieve optimum outcomes.

HPM P9 -Tabulate quantitative, financial, economic and statistical data for decision-making.

HPM P10 -Discuss the economic, legal and ethical theories that impact on health systems and healthcare organizations.

HPM P-11 – Identify principles of economics for analysis of health policy, program evaluation, and healthcare financing.

The MPH in Health Policy and Management may be taken on-campus or online. Curriculum is the same, except as indicated.