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Academic Programs

The public health academic programs are conducted by the Departments of Environmental Health Science, Epidemiology and Community Health, and Health Policy and ManagementThe MPH in Health Policy and Management and Environmental Health Science and graduate certificates in global health, emergency preparedness, and industrial hygiene are offered in a totally online format.  The public health programs are accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health

Core Competencies

All graduates of the M.P.H. program must satisfy the departmental competencies listed on the appropriate departmental page of this website. A student with an M.P.H. degree, regardless of program, must also manifest core competencies. Click here for core competencies.

Degree Requirements

The School of Health Sciences and Practice grants M.P.H. degrees in the areas noted above, along with an M.S. degree in Speech-Language Pathology. Candidates for the M.P.H. degree must complete a minimum of 46 credits and maintain a cumulative grade point average (G.P.A.) of 3.0 or better within a period of no more than five calendar years subsequent to the first term of study. A thesis or capstone course is required.

Candidates for the D.P.T. degree in Physical Therapy complete 120 credits in a three-year program of full-time study. Candidates for the degrees in Speech-Language Pathology complete 72 credits in a two-year program of full-time study.

The total number of credits required for the Dr.P.H. programs will depend upon the individual's educational profile at the time of the application.

Please consult the appropriate program section of this website for information regarding core and concentration requirements for the M.P.H. degree, as well as requirements for graduate certificates, where applicable.

All students pursuing an M.P.H degree must complete a practicum. This is to ensure that students have an opportunity to apply, in a public health setting, the knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom. Students who can demonstrate an exceptional practice experience prior to beginning their M.P.H studies may apply for a waiver in writing eighteen months prior to graduation.

The opportunity to pursue advanced work through self-study tutorials or directed research may be permitted at the discretion of the department chairperson/program director.

All graduates of the M.P.H. program must satisfy the departmental competencies listed on the appropriate departmental page of this website.

M.D./M.P.H. Program

Students accepted into the School of Medicine at New York Medical College may apply for admission to the M.P.H. program in the School of Health Sciences and Practice, thereby providing an opportunity to pursue both degree programs simultaneously. M.D./M.P.H. students earn 46 credits (14 courses plus a practicum and a thesis or capstone course) through the School of Health Sciences and Practice. The degree can be finished within the four years of medical school, or the student may elect to take five years to finish both degrees.

Benefits of combining a degree in medicine with a degree in public health

  • fosters a better appreciation of the interplay between community factors and individual behaviors on the health status of patients;
  • creates a better understanding of the basis of treatment and treatment outcomes for individual patients;
  • promotes an understanding of the delivery of health services, including the economic and legal aspects.


M.D./M.P.H. Admissions Procedure

  • School of Medicine students must secure a signed "Combined M.D./M.P.H. Program" form from the Admissions Office of the School of Health Sciences and Practice or the Associate Dean for Student Affairs of the School of Medicine giving permission to pursue both programs. Students submit this form to the Admissions Office and complete an online application and pay the non-refundable $50 application fee. Contact the School of Health Science and Practice Admissions Office at 914-594-4510, and/or a program advisor, to discuss a suitable area of concentration.


D.P.T./M.P.H. Degree

Students who matriculate for a D.P.T. may matriculate for an M.P.H. degree concurrently. They must complete a separate application for the M.P.H. degree; however, no other documents are necessary. They will apply for admission to the M.P.H. program upon recommendation of the Physical Therapy Department Chair in the spring of their 1st year of the D.P.T. program, and complete the M.P.H. requirements by the end of the year following their completion of the D.P.T. program.

Graduate Certificate Programs

  • Children with Special Health Care Needs (Disability and Human Development)
  • Emergency Preparedness (Health Policy and Management)
  • Industrial Hygiene (Environmental Health Science)
  • Health Education (Behavioral Sciences and Community Health)
  • Global Health (Health Policy and Management)

Consult the program sections in parentheses and see the Admission section for enrollment procedures.

To earn a graduate certificate, a student must be admitted to a particular certificate program and successfully complete the prescribed curriculum.

Students should obtain an Application for Certificate, available in the Office of the University Registrar and the Admissions Office, once they have successfully completed their Certificate courses. Certificates are mailed directly to students at the address indicated on their application.

Students who earn a graduate certificate with a 3.0 G.P.A. or higher and who meet all other admission requirements may be accepted as matriculants for an M.P.H. degree. Credits earned while completing the certificate can then be applied to the M.P.H. degree.

Students who are admitted to an M.P.H. program of study may not concurrently or subsequently pursue a graduate certificate within their M.P.H. program of study.


Occasionally, select graduate credit courses may be open to professionals who want to update their knowledge in specific areas as continuing education students without earning graduate credits. Such individuals are classified as auditors. For further information, please consult the Vice Dean