New York Medical College

School of Health Sciences and Practice


Welcome to our school! We are here to help you enhance your career. We are focused on providing a high quality experience, so you can gain the academic grounding, skills, and hands-on practice to succeed.

Our campus in the Westchester suburbs is convenient and comfortable, and only a short ride from New York City. We offer great opportunities for education and service in a number of areas that are critical to the health of the communities we serve.

Many of our faculty are actively affiliated with county health departments, health systems, and other institutions in the greater New York area, as well as national and international organizations. They are here to share their experience as well as knowledge.

Future Students PortalYou will be in good company here, whether you are a traditional student or a returning professional. Our public health students are clinicians, administrators, analysts, and researchers. They work in hospitals, health departments, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, community agencies, and insurance companies.

Info SessionsOur full-time clinical students in physical therapy and speech-language pathology add a strong sense of purpose to our mission. They quickly become highly skilled and vital assets for the people of our region.

MS in BiostatisticsAmong our faculty are local health department leaders, chief executives from leading health care institutions, and world-renowned researchers and experts in disaster preparedness and environmental safety.

Many collaborative activities are under way in our new Institute of Public Health: assisting local agencies, examining the quality of medical outcomes, improving disaster preparedness, preserving the rights and enhancing the performance of people living with disabilities, and promoting healthy communities.

We urge you to make the most of these many outstanding opportunities, and wish you the best of luck with your career!

Robert W. Amler, M.D., M.B.A.


Page updated: October 26, 2015