New York Medical College

School of Medicine

Academic Regulations


Please see the NYMC School of Medicine Bulletin to view a complete listing of Admissions, Academic Enrollment and Other Important Policies and Regulations that pertain to all students and applicants of the School of Medicine.


All students, including entering students, must register at the specified times in the summer and pay all fees and one half of the annual tuition before undertaking their studies. The second half of tuition is due on or before January 30. Payment of tuition and fees should be made in the Office of the Bursar, Room 115, Administration Building.

Withdrawals and Refunds

If a student terminates his or her medical college registration by official leave of absence or withdrawal, tuition will be charged for that tuition installment period according to the date written notice of such intended action is received in the Office of Student Affairs. The tuition schedule begins with the first full week of classes in the installment period and pertains to each subsequent week or fraction of a week.