New York Medical College

Admissions & Financial Aid

Credit Report

The Federal Direct Loan Origination and Applicant Services is required to conduct a credit check for students who will be applying for the Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan. New York Medical College strongly recommends students to obtain current copies of their credit report to review the history/credit score rating and to insure the accuracy of the credit bureau records.

Students may obtain a copy of their credit report AND their credit scores from two of the national credit reporting companies by contacting myFICO. There is a combined fee for the two reports/credit scores.

To access myFICO's official website click here.


Students may obtain a free copy of their credit reports (ONLY) from the  three national credit reporting companies  by contacting annualcreditreport.

To access annualcreditreport's official website click here.

Please be aware to obtain your credit scores, you will need to contact, individually, each of the three national credit reporting companies.  There will be a fee, from each of the three companies for your credit scores.



Page Updated: March 3, 2015