New York Medical College

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New York Medical College sponsors hundreds of research programs that benefit the community at large through advances in the biomedical sciences. More than 200 scientists are hard at work every day in pursuit of these and other vital research activities. There are a host of opportunities for faculty and students with mutual research interests to work collaboratively.

Scientists here are conducting more than 500 research projects, ranging from fundamental investigations in molecular biology to studies of new drugs used to treat patients. Our faculty researchers have made major breakthroughs in the understanding of cancer, hypertension, atherosclerosis and Lyme disease. Our scientists are also prominent in the study of cardiovascular and kidney disease, infectious disease, and the neurosciences.

The total value of sponsored research and other programs under management at the university is more than $41 million. These programs are funded by the National Institutes of Health, corporations and other sources. Nearly 60 percent of the university’s research funding comes from the NIH. Funding from industry supports investigations in oncology, renal disease, cardiology and infectious diseases.

At New York Medical College, students are encouraged to conduct research to hone their skills and make a regular practice of clinical and bench investigation. In addition, the Student Research Fellowship Program has enabled a growing number of students to engage in research as part of their medical education. Since the program’s inception, some of the most prestigious student fellowships in the country have been awarded to students who got their start in this program. Numerous student research competitions offer all students an opportunity to conduct, present and discuss their clinical and basic science research projects.