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David J. R. Fulton M.S ’94, Ph.D. ’96

This Australian native traveled across the globe to study pharmacology at NYMC. Now, wherever he goes a piece of the College goes with him.

David J. R. Fulton M.S ’94, Ph.D. ’96

David J. R. Fulton M.S ’94, Ph.D. ’96

BMS Alumnus is Always Going Places

Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences


David Fulton heard about New York Medical College while completing his undergraduate degree at Monash University in Australia. The chairman of his department knew a colleague here, and suggested Fulton pay him a visit. He did, thereby launching his career. After earning two degrees in pharmacology—an M.S in 1994 and a Ph.D in 1996—Fulton was recruited to the faculty at Georgia Regents University in Atlanta. Now a professor of pharmacology and toxicology, while also conducting molecular biology research, Fulton was invited to deliver the keynote address at the 2012 Pharmacology Research Day back at his alma mater.

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