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John C. Duffy M.D. ’60

From military missions to helping launch medical schools, this alumnus has always preferred the new to the “same-old.”.

John C. Duffy M.D. ’60

John C. Duffy M.D. ’60

Always Eager to Embrace Something New

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At 78, John C. Duffy, M.D. ’60, is still seeking out new challenges. After graduation, an internship at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit sparked an interest in pediatrics, but the escalation of the Vietnam War caused him to delay his residency and join the Air Force as a flight surgeon. Research with pilots led to an interest in the psychology of stress—and an award from the Aerospace Medical Association. Physicians, no matter what their specialty, can be called upon in ways that demonstrate what “active duty” really means. Duffy participated in life-saving operations on several occasions with the U.S. Coast Guard, including rescues at sea where he was dropped by harness from a helicopter onto a ship carrying seriously ill and injured service personnel. Although that may sound more like James Bond than a child psychiatrist, Duffy has the commendations to prove it..

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