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Susan J. Blakeney, M.S.’92, M.P.H.’10

First a biochemistry degree helps forge her career in Big Pharma. Next, an MPH in global health leads to a fellowship—and an opportunity of a lifetime.

Susan J. Blakeney, M.S. ’92, M.PH. ’10

Susan J. Blakeney, M.S. ’92, M.PH. ’10

Biochemist turned global health educator

School of Health Sciences & Practice


In May 2012, Susan Blakeney landed in New Delhi, India, to begin six months as a Pfizer Global Health Fellow, working with Project HOPE’s India Diabetes Educator Project. Armed with a master’s in biochemistry and molecular biology from New York Medical College, she built a career in molecular biology, working on the development of vaccines for polio, Norwalk virus, rotavirus and herpes simplex virus at companies like Lederle, Wyeth and Pfizer. She is also a world traveler, trekking to Bhutan, Thailand, and Nepal, visiting remote villages where health care was virtually nonexistent. “The experience really changed me,” she says.

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