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Endow a Scholarship Fund

When you endow a scholarship fund, you grant generations of students the freedom to pursue the health care profession in which they can make the greatest contribution by helping to free them from an overwhelming burden of debt. You also enable the College to attract and retain the brightest and most dedicated students by providing them with a reliable source of support. As a result of such far-sighted and long-lasting generosity, students acquire the critical skills and training needed to meet the healthcare needs of today and tomorrow.

You can create an endowed scholarship fund by making an outright gift, through a pledge payable over a number of years, or through a planned gift. The College will invest your initial gift and spends a portion of the average annual investment return on scholarships, while the remaining income is added to the principal. This guarantees that the principal contribution used to establish the fund remains intact and continues to grow in value each year.

For more information, read the Enduring Power of Endowments Brochure.

For more information, please contact the Office of Development & Alumni Relations at or call (914) 594-4550.