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Faculty and staff play a key role in maintaining the College’s tradition of excellence. Year after year, your achievements, dedication and pride in this institution strengthen its role as a national leader in health sciences education and research.

As a valued member of the NYMC community, your generous financial support is another key element in the College’s success. In addition to supporting the College’s operations, your generosity helps to secure additional outside support for the College. Many corporations and foundations require a strong show of support on the part of an organization’s closest constituents before they’ll make an investment. When you give to the College, you convey your absolute belief and confidence in the mission of this institution, and you help to further its mission.

“We all need to realize that we’re part of a bigger enterprise, and each of us has a part to contribute. If you consider New York Medical College your home away from home, then you ask yourself, what would I do for my own home? And you say, I would do everything for my own home!” – Joseph M. Wu, Ph.D., Professor, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

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