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Grateful Patient Partners in Giving

New York Medical College clinicians provide exceptional care to patients in many different settings, and they often form strong and long lasting relationships with them.

As a grateful patient, you may seek a way to express your appreciation for the care you've received from your physician by making a gift to the College. You may wish to fund a particular area of research that will impact your disease or that of your loved ones. Or you may want to provide ongoing support for your physician’s educational or research activities through the creation of an endowment fund. Many other avenues are available to express your gratitude. Giving to New York Medical College enables you to advance healthcare in your community and benefit generations to come.

“I gave this gift to New York Medical College because Dr. Stewart changed my life. He made it possible for me to go to school and work. I just want other kids who are as sick as I was to be able to be helped by Dr. Stewart.”
– A grateful patient of Julian Stewart, M.D., Ph.D, Research Professor of Physiology

Make a gift today.

For more information, email the Office of Development or call (914) 594-4550.