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     In early 2007, Amaka Ozah was in the middle of her first year studying in the Speech and Language program in the School of Public Health, Brian Mencke was a fourth year medical student preparing for residency, and Parisa Roghani was completing her Physiology degree in the Graduate School of Basic Sciences. Although they were in different schools at NYMC, they came together to raise awareness about an issue that touches us all as humans—genocide. With the purpose of mobilizing the NYMC community towards preventing and helping to put an end to the genocide in Darfur, they formed the Genocide Awareness and Prevention Club, otherwise known as GAAP. GAAP became the first club in NYMC history to include students from all the different schools. The mission of GAAP is to educate fellow students and faculty about ongoing and potential genocides happening in the world today, and to show them ways to get involved in helping to end the genocide.


     Under the faculty guidance of Dr. Mini Murthy, Assistant Professor for the Department of Behavioral Science and Community Health, International Health Program Director, GAAP has emerged as one of the most successful new clubs in the 2007-2008 academic year. Over the past year, GAAP has held several events, including documentary screenings and talks by prominent activists. GAAP also made formal presentations to community high school students and parent’s associations. In addition, GAAP has raised over $1000 for civilian protection in Darfur. By engaging the NYMC community in conversation and action, GAAP hopes to grow from the humble beginnings of just three concerned students to a unified voice resoundingly saying, “No More to Genocide!”


     As GAAP moves into its second year, the club hopes to become more visible on the NYMC campus by increasing awareness about the Darfur cause and other humanitarian issues around the world. Whether through roundtable discussions, involvement at a grassroots level, or collaboration with neighboring universities, we hope that you too will feel compelled to help the people of Darfur who must suffer through this ongoing genocide every day.



Faculty Advisor:

Padmimi Murthy, MD, MPH, MS

Assistant Professor for the Department of Behavioral Science and Community Health, School of Public Health, NYMC

International health Program Director


Current Officers:

Odessa Balumbu

Richard Fazio

Michael Karsy

Mera Geis


Past Officers:

Jordan Chandler-Berat

Julie Rice

Jennifer Sevush

Hanni Jang

Amaka Ozah

Farzana Nurzzaman

Adam Weidenhammer




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