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May 2007 - Letter Writing Campaign

Organized over 100 signed letters to Senators urging the passage of S.831, the Sudan Divestment Authorization Act, which protects states, cities and schools who divest from companies supporting genocide in Sudan.  Space on each letter was left to allow individuals who signed an opportunity to write a personal message to their representative.  Informational sheets were also handed out.  This event was organized as part of a nationwide letter writing campaign organized by STAND


September 2007 - Club Fair Recruitment

Participated in the NYMC club fair to recruit more active members and form a mailing list of students who wished to receive updates with the situation in Darfur and other humanitarian crises in the world.  Our inaugural club was mentioned in the monthly NYMC publication InTouch.


October 2007 - A Crisis Before Our Eyes: Darfur Awareness

Held an informational event detailing the ongoing situation in Darfur, recent activism activities, and had a moving speech by Dr. Padimini Murthy, our club advisor and Director of NYMC School of Public Health - International Medicine Program.  Event flyers were distributed.


October 2007 - Informational Event for STEP Students

Held informational events for STEP students, minority high school students from the surrounding community involved in a Saturday science enrichment program, in order teach about the genocide in Darfur.  Presentations available for download were made on:

Presentations to the parents of these STEP students were subsequently made in February 2008.


December 5, 2007 - DarfurFast

Along with over 800 STAND chapters across U.S. campuses, GAAP asking students and faculty to give up 1 item they usually buy and donate that money each day for a week.  $1000 was raised from the generous donations of the NYMC community.  The event ended with a video screening and roundtable discussion of the situation in Darfur.  Over $500,000 was raised nationwide.  The donations went to the Genocide Intervention Network which provides guarded firewood patrols for women that must venture away from refugee camps searching for firewood and exposing themselves to rape and attack from neighboring Janjaweed militia.  Donations also helped to provide alternative cooking supplies such as solar cookers, and income generating equipment.  Flyers and pamphlets were distributed for the event.


February 2008 - Informational Event for STEP Parents' Association

Held an informational event for parents of STEP students, minority high school students from the surrounding community involved in Saturday science enrichment program.  Discussed were the history of the genocide in Darfur, recently passed legislation protecting the ability of states, universities and investment companies divesting from companies supporting genocide, and how individuals can screen their own mutual funds and stocks to see if they are unknowingly investing in genocide.  Information for the presentation on divestment was taken from the Sudan Divestment Task Force.


February 2008 - Screened Sand and Sorrow

Screened the acclaimed George Clooney narrated documentary, Sand and Sorrow, and held a roundtable discussion about the genocide in Darfur and current activism activities in the U.S.











March 2008 - Guest Speaker Ellen O'Connell from International Rescue Committee

Held a seminar with speaker Ellen O'Connell, Vice President of International Rescue Committee (IRC), an non-profit humanitarian organization providing relief in 25 countries worldwide, including Sudan.  Mrs. O'Connell gave an impassionate speech about the origin and change of humanitarian organizations, spoke about what IRC does and then answered questions from students and faculty.  Flyers were distributed for the event.

Left to right: Ellen O'Connell, Vice President of International Rescue Committee and Amaka Ozah, President of GAAP


December 2008 - Hiroshima Bomb Survivor Shigeko Sasamori and Guest Speaker Steven L. Leeper discussed nuclear non-proliferation

From NYMC In Touch Article: "Shigeko Sasamoriís story of human suffering was the focus of the first meeting of the academic year of the Genocide Awareness and Prevention Club (GAAP). In keeping with the clubís theme of human rights violations, Ms. Sasamori, still scarred from the radiation burns she suffered, urged the audience to make sure the world never repeats the mistakes of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. She is part of a group seeking an end to war and a definitive timetable for nuclear disarmament." 


March 2009 - Fast Event

In continuation of our club's previous Fast, this event asked students to give up 1 item for a week and donate that money to the Genocide Intervention Network.  The event raised over $400 and generated great awareness of ongoing global issues.


June 2009 - Student Presentation of Global Humanitarian Crises

During this event, officers of GAAP presented 15 minute lunch time presentations regarding global issues.  Topics included: The Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia and Somalia, Darfur, and  A Powerpoint presentation was made. 




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