Who We Are

An organization whose goal is to improve the working, learning and social experience of all members of the NYMC postdoc community.


NYMC Postdoctoral Association Constitution


1. Name – the name of the organization shall be New York Medical College Postdoctoral Association, hereafter referred to as NYMCPA


2. Purpose – this is a non-profit, postdoctoral member-driven organization whose overarching goal is to improve the quality of the working and social lives of the members of the NYMC postdoctoral community and to thereby make NYMC a more attractive place for postdoctoral training.  To achieve this major purpose, the NYMCPA focuses on:


* Promoting scientific interaction within the NYMC postdoctoral community;

*Discussing and addressing issues concerning the NYMC postdoctoral community’s working and social environment;

*Having regular communication between the NYMC postdoctoral community and the NYMC faculty and administration;

*Informing the NYMC administration about the issues and concerns raised by the NYMC post-doctoral community and making recommendations for revision or creation of NYMC policies relating to these issues


3. Membership – All NYMC postdoctoral researchers with PhD and/or MD degrees and all NYMC fellows are eligible to be voting members of the NYMCPA.


4. Organization– All members of the NYMCPA are invited and urged to participate actively in meetings and decisions made by the association.  The association will have a representative committee, which will meet at least once every two months to discuss topics for consideration by the general membership.  Ideally the representative committee will include at least one person from every department at NYMC in which postdoctoral researchers are employed. Communication with the administration will be conducted by an executive board. The executive board will actively participate in discussion and negotiation with the administration about issues concerning the NYMC postdoctoral community. The executive board will include three members of the representative committee, selected by election or appointment.


5. Meetings - Meetings are to be held at least once every two months. There are four categories of meetings: (1) working meetings dedicated to raising and discussing issues and concerns of the NYMCPA; working meetings are open only to members of the NYMCPA; (2) Work In Progress seminars (WIP) dedicated to sharing new knowledge and progress of current projects among postdoctoral fellows; WIPs are open only to members of the NYMCPA; (3) Seminars dedicated to internal or invited speaker(s) presenting topic(s) of interest to the NYMCPA; seminars may be open to the entire NYMC community; (4) Social events. The meetings will alternate according to a schedule planned by NYMCPA.


6. Amendments to the Constitution – All proposed amendments to the constitution must be sponsored by at least two members of the association and be submitted in writing to a member of the representative committee, who will then distribute copies of the proposed amendment(s) to the general membership.  The amendment(s) shall be considered and voted upon at the next general membership meeting.  Approval by two-thirds of the members present, with at least 10 members voting, is required for acceptance of an amendment.