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An organization whose goal is to improve the working, learning and social experience of all members of the NYMC postdoc community.















NYMC Postdoctoral Association Events


TBA - More events will be posted as they become available.


Past Events


The challenging part of science - how to analyze collected data
"At the crossroad of Basic Biomedical Sciences and Statistics"
Dr. Libor Velíšek, MD, PhD, Professor
May 22nd, Wednesday, 4:00pm
Conference room #210, Department of Cell Biology &Anatomy

"CV/Resume crafting workshop"
When: Every third Thursday of a month (time will be announced in advance) during Summer and Fall.
Where: Library classroom 109
Organizers: Association of Biomedical Career Development (ABCD) and NYMC postdoctoral association (NYMCPA) in collaboration with Health Science Library To reserve your seat on the workshop, please, contact Jinpu Yang or Tamar Chachua. Reservation is necessary.


Why Industry? Come and learn about how it feels to continue your PhD career path from the academia into the industry field.
"Making the switch from PhD to Industry: My Experiences"
Dr. Naval Shanware, PhD, Senior Scientist, Oncology Research Unit, Pfizer
April 19th, Friday, 4:00pm,
Conference room #210, Department of Cell Biology & Anatomy


"Networking 101" - Dr. Monica Kerr, Director, Science Alliance, New York Academy of Sciences
Presented April 27, 2012
SHSP Center for Interactive Learning
Video presentation replay available under the Links & Resources tab


Research Paper Writing Workshop

Thursday, August 31, 2011

SHSP Center for Interactive Learning


"Creating Excellence Through Writing (CREW)" Dr Janet L Kayfetz-How to develop & create clear, interesting & rigourous paper. Register by return email. To have your manuscript discussed, send 1st paragraph via email or take it to workshop on flash-drive.