Who We Are

An organization whose goal is to improve the working, learning and social experience of all members of the NYMC postdoc community.

Did You Know?

NYMCPA provides opportunities for the Valhalla postdoctoral community to connect through meetings, social events and workshops.






Welcome To The NYMC Postdoctoral Association Website



The New York Medical College Postdoctoral Association (NYMCPA) was begun informally in the fall of 2010 with the idea of bringing together the community of NYMC postdoctoral scholars and improving our postdoctoral training experience. The group established itself more firmly in 2011 with the formation of a committee of departmental representatives, the writing and ratification of a constitution, the selection of a logo, and the creation of this web site.

The goal of the association continues to be to enhance the NYMC postdoc experience, and we aim to do so by providing more opportunities for scientific and social interactions among its members, organizing seminars and career development events, working towards improved conditions of employment, and addressing any other issues of concern or interest to members.


Who can be a member of the NYMCPA
Membership in the NYMCPA is broadly defined: we invite all those who consider themselves to be “postdocs” to take part, as well as all “fellows” (many but not all members are both). For more details please refer to the NYMCPA constitution and/or speak with a departmental representative.