Using the McAfeeSaaS' Control Console

Daily Spam Report

For everyday usage, you don't have to log into the Control Console to Release/Allow quarantined email. You can use the links in the daily Spam Report for these tasks. You can also opt to delete all messages in the report, view a list of all quarantined messages which will take to the Control Console where you can see all your quarantined messages as well as change different settings. Look below for a step by step guide to directly access the Control Console. You don't have to use the Manage my Email Addresses as aliases are managed and updated automatically.

Using the Outlook Plugin

Below the report, you'll see tips on using the daily report as well as a link to install an Outlook plugin that allows you to flag messages that are in your inbox that you deem to be spam so they will no longer arrive at your inbox.

After clicking that link, you'll see the screen below. Click the download link and save the *.zip file somewhere you can find it easily. Once the download completes, find the file, unzip it, make sure outlook is closed and run the *.msi file in the folder.

When the install completes, launch Outlook and you'll notice a new tab with a new button to Delete as Spam. Use this to delete the selected emails and label them as spam for McAfeeSaaS to block in the future.

Using the Control Console

You can change many settings of McAfeeSaaS by logging into the Control Console with your full email address and password. If it is your first time logging in, use the Forgot your password or need to create a password? to create a password.

If you are creating a new password, you'll see the screens below, prompted to enter your email address (select the option shown in the screens), you'll get confirmation that the request was received and an email with a link to setup a password will be sent to you.

Once you click on the link in the email, you'll be asked to setup a password. Note that this password is separate from your NYMC password and does not expire. Next, you'll be asked to setup a security hint question. Once both are complete, you'll be taken to the main screen of the Control Console. Here, you can view quarantined emails as well as edit your Allowed Senders list among other things. Use the Help buttons throughout the different screens for assistance on how to accomplish what you want to do.

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