Information Services is

Luis Montes
Interim Director of Information Technology

David Buler
Director, IT Infrastructure

Chaochi Tien
Associate Director Systems & Programming (Financial Systems)

Cathy Jankus
Information Technology Administrator

Joseph Cronin
IT Security Manager

Wilson Lema
Student Services Software Engineer

Alexandra Urrego
Sr. Software Engineer

Conney Yulin
Sr. Software Engineer

Andres Ramirez
Software Engineer

Debbie Huyler
Information Services Coordinator

John De Agustini
Helpdesk Manager

Nick Dietschi
Technical Support Analyst

Ron Li
Consultant, Network Technician

Kenley Alleyne
IT Systems Engineer

Michael Cotter
Educational Media Head

Alex Taveras
Audio/Visual Technician

Val Liongson
Sr. Manager, Business Analytics

Who we are

At the Information Technology helpdesk, located in 19 Skyline Drive 2NF31, the staff deals with everything from setting up wireless connections for laptops to installation and maintenance of NYMC owned computers. All of our technicians are well versed in both PC and MAC computers. We also offer support to smartphones (Blackberry phones, Windows Phones, as well as iPhones). We offer approved packages from Dell(R) to faculty members wishing to purchase new computer systems. Our goal is to provide excellent and conscientious support to both students and faculty of the NYMC community.

The Network technicians provide proactive and extensible solutions to ensure a stable network infrastructure for our NYMC community. They provide hands on server and network configuration support. They review and further document networking components and connections. Our Network Technicians are responsible for ensuring that active networks and servers are secure and fully accessible to properly authenticated users. The technicians provide network administrative operations and perform maintenance requests as well as help to implement system policy. They also work with staff in managing the required systems, operation techniques, and processes, along with supporting off site schools and municipalities throughout campus.

Programmers & Systems,
Our programmers at NYMC are tasked with the maintenance and creation of campus specific programs used by the college. They primarily work with the following programs: Fundware, DataEase, and PeopleSoft. They also program and modify payroll and other administrative programs.

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