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Alumni and Faculty Acknowledgement

Commencement 2015

The Office of Public Relations would like to know of any graduating students in the Class of 2015 with a parent, grandparent and/or spouse who is a graduate of New York Medical College and/or faculty member.

If you would prefer, you can print this form and return it to the Office of Public Relations at:

New York Medical College
Office of Public Relations
40 Sunshine Cottage Rd.
Valhalla, NY 10595

Phone: (914) 594-4536
Fax: (914) 594-4541

Please submit information by May 13, 2015.
Name of Graduate
First:    M.I.:    Last: 
Degree you will earn: 

Alumni Connection
Name(s) of graduate’s alum parent(s):  
Degree Earned:    Year: 
Name(s) of graduate’s alum grandparent(s):  
Degree Earned:    Year: 
Name(s) of graduate’s alum spouse:  
Degree Earned:     Year: 
Name(s) of graduate’s alum sibling(s):  
Degree Earned:     Year: 
Name of faculty member spouse:  
Name(s) of faculty member sibling(s):  

Faculty Connection
Name(s) of faculty member parent(s) and department:  
Name(s) of faculty member grandparent(s) and department:  



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