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Security - Send Word Now FAQs

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Send Word Now FAQs
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What is Send Word Now?

Send Word Now is a web-based alerting and response service that enables the college to quickly communicate and respond with students, faculty and staff at the Valhalla campus during an emergency or time sensitive situation. Send Word Now is designed to reach students, faculty and staff within minutes on any device, anytime, anywhere over any type of connection. Students and staff can be prompted to respond in real-time so that the college officials can confirm receipt and automatically drop recipients into a conference call if required.

What else will I get on this system?

The only messages you will receive via Send Word Now will be notifications from the college concerning an emergency or critical incident on or near campus that may affect you and that is deemed serious enough by the College to warrant contacting you directly to ensure your personal safety, and concerning system test messages (described below). All personal information is kept absolutely confidential within the College and the Send Word Now systems.

How will I be notified?

You will receive messages on all of the modalities you choose to register with Send Word Now up to total of 10. (Maximum of 5 phones and 5 e/mail-text message devices)

When will I receive an alert message?

You will receive a message when a situation arises that disrupts normal college operations and that may place students, faculty, staff, visitors, or property at risk. The College will send out a Send Word Now notification message only after carefully assessing a situation and determining that it is serious enough to warrant notification.

How will the message begin and what will it sound like?

Send Word Now uses a text to speech engine that instantly converts text to the synthesized voice of a female. There is an option to use the voice of the NYMC administrator who initiates the message but in most instances you will hear the synthesized voice. However, all phone messages will be preceded by a prerecord introduction from Security Director William Allison as follows: “This is a message from Send Word Now, the New York Medical College emergency alert service.”

What should I do when I get a message?

There are five things you should do when you receive a Send Word Now alert message:

  1. Read the message! Don’t ignore it!
  2. Alert other people. During classes, students and professors may have their cell phones turned off. If you’re in a classroom, please advise the professor so that he or she may assist you in taking appropriate action. If you’re in your residence, let those you live with know about the alert. If you’re at work, let your coworkers know about the alert. It’s very important to help spread word of the emergency notification!
  3. Follow the instructions given with the message. The instructions will be direct and specific to the particular situation. Be sure to follow them carefully. Do not deviate from the instructions provided. If the situation requires it, additional messages will be transmitted to update you.
  4. Respond to the prompts if asked to do so.
  5. Do not call security unless it is an emergency. Security needs to keep the telephone lines open.

Will NYMC conduct tests of the Send Word Now system, and if so, when?

Periodically, the college will conduct tests of Send Word Now to ensure that the system is operational. Sample groups will be selected for the test and they will be notified in advance of the test. The message will be as follows: This is test of the NYMC send word emergency alert system. This is only a test- there is no real emergency-please acknowledge receipt of this message.

What if I change my phone number or want to add an additional contact point?

E-mail a request to William Allison in Security at indicating that you need to update or modify your records. Do not e-mail him the actual information. In turn, you will be e-mailed a recipient-self update e-mail. Follow the instruction to update or modify your information. It is important that you notify family and significant others that you have registered their telephone numbers and/or emails with the NYMC-Send Word Now emergency alert system.  Please be sure to prepare any child who may answer one of the registered phones so that they understand the need to remain calm and to relay the message to you.

I understand that multiple text messages could be sent for the same alert. Why would this happen?

Wireless text devices such as pagers and mobile phones have small screens that accept as few as 40 characters. In order to deliver a complete message to recipients with small screens, Send Word Now divides a message into “segments” small enough to be accepted individually by the recipient's wireless text device. The system then automatically sends the “segments” in order until the complete message is delivered.

Long text messages may be broken up into segments and will be delivered in order depending on how your individual cellular provider transmits messages and the text messaging capabilities of your device. Reading the segments in the order that they are delivered will help ensure that you fully understand the message.

Can I receive voice and text on the same device?

You can receive voice and text on the same device if you register that request when you sign up for Send Word Now.

Will I receive more than one message?

Yes, you may receive updated or additional information. When the emergency is over you will receive an “all clear” message.


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