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Digital SignageDigital Signage (flatscreen) monitors are located in the Medical Education Center Lobby, the Basic Sciences Building Lounge, the lobby of the School of Health Sciences and Practice, and the lobby of 19 Skyline Drive. The content on these signs is under the purview of the Office of Public Relations (OPR).


Please email your event information to OPR at least 5 business days prior to the event. Your request should include date, time, location, speaker, speaker’s affiliation, title of talk, photo (if available) and the sponsoring department, club or program. (We also recommend posting the same information on NYMC website calendar and through on Announcements/Events email.)

Honors and Achievements

When notifying OPR about an honor that you, a colleague, postdoc or student has received, please include the person’s name, title, department, honor received, date it was (or will be) awarded, and the organization presenting the honor. If the honor has not yet been presented and will take place at a later date, you’ll also need to provide OPR with a contact at the organization, since we will need to determine whether the organization has an embargo on when the announcement can officially be made. Please include a photo of the honoree if available.

Sufficient Notice

Events and announcements submitted to the Office of Public Relations (OPR) for inclusion in our publications or on the website calendar will automatically be displayed on the flatscreens. Event details must be on the website calendar at least 5 business days prior to your event in order to ensure sufficient time to develop your flatscreen announcement.
Employees may request flatscreen publicity promoting events, honors and special notices by adhering to the following guidelines:

Additional Information:

Grand rounds will not be included in flatscreen promotions.

OPR is not responsible for the accuracy of any information submitted for display on the flatscreens. Check your facts, spelling, etc. carefully!

Any changes to your event (date, time, location, etc.) must be submitted to OPR at least 2 days prior to the event. Without sufficient time to make the change, OPR cannot guarantee accuracy of information.

Please see Policy PR200—Digital Signage Guidelines for additional information.

Technical questions (e.g, screen is dark, content looks odd or is several days out of date) should be directed to the Help Desk.

Please report any technical malfunctions you observe on the Digital Signage Flatscreens as soon as possible to Information Services, ext 2000.


Page updated: December 18, 2013