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Week of August 23, 2015


New York Medical College News:

Rep. Engel Visits NY Medical College's Valhalla, Hawthorne Facilities
Mount Pleasant Daily Voice -- 8/26/2015
Alan Kadish, M.D., President

Faculty News:

Acupunture Joins Options of Couples Hoping to Conceive
Danbury News-Times -- 8/25/2015
Jun Xu, Jun, M.D., Clinical Assistant Professor of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Affiliate News:

$17.2 Million Awarded to 26 NY Medical Research Institutions -- 8/28/2015
Westchester Medical Center

Three Hospitals Receive State Funding
Mid-Hudson News -- 8/27/2015
Westchester Medical Center

Hospital Merger Mania Continues in NJ -- 8/26/2015
Saint Michael’s Medical Center

Letter: Don't Throw Out The Baby
Aspen Times & Aspen Times Weekly -- 8/25/2015
Ira Bedzow, Ph.D., Director of Biomedical Ethics

Barnabas and Newark Hospital Avert Clash in Bankruptcy Hearing
Newark Star-Ledger -- 8/24/2015
Saint Michael's Medical Center


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