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Valhalla, N.Y., February 1, 2010—Faculty experts in health policy and management at New York Medical College have launched a collaborative teaching effort with The New York Times. Through the paper’s Knowledge Network, the college is offering a dynamic, interactive online course on a topic of pressing interest to all Americans—health care reform.

Peter Arno, Ph.D., professor and director of doctoral studies, Deborah Viola, Ph.D., M.B.A., associate professor and internship advisor in the doctoral program in the college’s School of Health Sciences and Practice, along with Nancie Celini, M.P.H., a doctoral student and e-learning expert, have created the course, “An Economic View of Health Care Reform,” which will run from February 22 until March 21.

The four-week class will illuminate the economic underpinnings of the healthcare system, including supply and demand for goods and services, consumer behavior and the potential impact of reform on wage inequality, medical costs on businesses and households, Americans’ savings rates, and health care disparities. It will explore ways in which the healthcare system is affected by social and structural factors such as poverty, education, racial discrimination and the environment, and will offer a historical-based argument for reform. Students will read articles by economists, healthcare journalists, and policymakers, along with having access to numerous resources such as websites, blogs, and archives of The New York Times.

Each course in the network is paired with a New York Times journalist. David Leonhardt, a top health economic journalist whose work appears in the business and magazine sections of The New York Times, as well as in Business Week and The Washington Post, will join Dr. Arno in an interactive session with a live audience. Dr. Viola will host a live online question and answer session between participants and the lecturers.

The course is divided into four self-paced learning modules, set up as pre-recorded lectures and interactive multimedia presentations delivered online and available for registered participants to watch at their convenience. The material will be divided into segments entitled, “Historical Foundations of Reform,” “Understanding Health Care Reform—A Primer in Economic Jargon,” “Socioeconomic Determinants—More than Access to Care,” and “Current Issues—Beyond Health Care Reform.”

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