New York Medical College

2006 press releases



VALHALLA, N.Y., January 30, 2006—New York Medical College and Danbury Hospital—related since 1974 and affiliated since 1999—announce they have signed an agreement that designates the Connecticut facility to be a university hospital and site for the College’s medical education programs.

The new agreement, signed on January 9 at the hospital, sets forth Danbury’s sponsorship of Continuing Medical Education programs, defines its responsibilities as a site for clinical rotations by medical students and describes how it will support various research activities. The agreement also elevates Gerard D. Robilotti, M.S., executive vice president of Danbury Health Systems, to the position of senior associate dean and director of medical education for the College at Danbury Hospital.

“Our medical students are very enthusiastic about their experiences at Danbury,” said Ralph A. O’Connell, M.D., provost and dean, School of Medicine. “And we are eager to explore the added potential for research.”

Frank J. Kelly, president and chief executive officer, Danbury Hospital/Danbury Health Systems, concurred: “Over the years the relationship has grown and flourished. Judging from the feedback, Danbury is a favored site of medical students and we look forward to building on that success.”