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New York Medical College Strategic Plan


Through this assessment, New York Medical College has identified new objectives and projects that will guide us through the next five years and continue to define us as a preeminent health sciences university in the 21st Century. We present these objectives and projects here, in our strategic plan for 2015–2020. The plan is aspirational: it represents the critical priorities and initiatives that will enable the College to realize its mission as a dynamic center of learning, investigation and practice. The plan is strategic: It reflects current realities within and surrounding the College. It emphasizes the importance of translational research and describes how we aim to implement it. It introduces programs that we will develop to meet educational needs in health care and healthrelated sciences. It details the ways in which we will reward meaningful innovation and cross-disciplinary, team-based efforts. Finally, it explains how we will ensure accountability from the entire NYMC community in our shared pursuit of academic, scientific and medical excellence.


The 2015-2020 Strategic Plan is available in two formats:



2015-2020 Strategic Plan

2015-2020 Annual Report