New York Medical College

Michal Laniado Schwartzman, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair of Pharmacology

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Department of Pharmacology
Basic Sciences Building
New York Medical College
Valhalla, NY 10595

Professional Interests:

Our research consists of two projects focused on the role of lipid autacoids, more specifically cytochrome P450-derived eicosanoids, in the regulation of inflammation and vascular function in the areas of the cardiovascular system and vision.

Ocular surface inflammation and neovascularization.
We have shown that injury to the ocular surface provokes inflammatory and angiogenic response that is mediated by corneal epithelial-derived lipid mediators generated by a cytochrome P450 monooxygnease, identified as CYP4B1. These lipid mediators exhibit potent inflammatory and angiogenic properties. Studies in the lab are directed towards the elucidation of the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the inflammatory and angiogenic activity of these metabolites including receptor identification, activation of nuclear factors and induction of gene expression. Work is also being done to identify the anti-inflammatory and cytoprotective pathways that control the action of CYP4B1-derived inflammatory and angiogenic eicosanoids. These studies address the pathophysiological processes involved in corneal neovascularization, a major problem in clinical ophthalmology.

Cytochrome P450 eicosanoids in Hypertension
We have shown a correlation between the production of a renal cytochrome P450 (CYP) arachidonate metabolite, namely, 20-hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid (20-HETE), and the development of hypertension in experimental animal models and clinical studies. Studies are aimed at understanding 20-HETE cellular and molecular mechanisms of action with the goal of uncovering novel therapeutic targets for the treatment of hypertension driven by increased androgen levels that not only occur in men but is also believed to underlie the increased susceptibility to hypertension in menopausal women. The experimental approach is multi-faceted and includes the use of transgenic mice and genetically modified rats as well as molecular and pharmacological probes together with cell culture models.

Education Profile:

Post Graduate Studies  

Graduate Degree:   M.S., Ph.D.

Graduate Degree Institution:   Tel-Aviv University (Israel)

Undergraduate Institution:  

Selected Bibliography:

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