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Biosafety Level 3 Laboratory

The Biosafety Level-3 Laboratory ensures safe working conditions for researchers studying highly infectious agents such as HIV and TB.

Biosafety LabThe 281 sq. ft. laboratory has a work bench area with stainless steel surfaces and a separate adjacent changing room. Equipment includes a 6-ft. biological safety cabinet (Nuaire, Class II, type A/B3 laminar flow hood), a double-chambered CO2 incubator (VWR), a Beckman GS-6R table-top centrifuge equipped with containment buckets, an Abbott Quantum II spectrophotometer, an Abbott Qwik Washer, an inverted Leitz-Wetzlar microscope, a standard light microscope, two water baths, a refrigerator-freezer, a microcentrifuge and a Hirayama autoclave. The laboratory is under negative pressure with exhaust air HEPA filtered.

Authorized researchers working in this facility are required to wear disposable gowns, caps, face masks and shoe covers, two pairs of latex gloves and eye protection. All contaminated materials are placed in biohazard bags and autoclaved on site prior to removal. Laboratory procedures are conducted according to BSL-3 safety standards as outlined in the manual Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories, Health and Human Services publication No. (CDC) 93-8395.


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