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Deptof Pathology Genomics LabDNA sequencing technology is moving at a lightning pace and Next generation DNA Sequencing has rapidly become the state of the art for high-throughput genomic analyses. This robust technology provides single platform access to various applications ranging from genomic (re)sequencing, whole-transcriptome analysis, small RNA, miRNA, non-coding RNA, as well as the analysis of transcription factor binding and epigenetic modifications present at specific genomic loci through the use of ChIP-seq technology. DNA Sequencing is now available using an Illumina MiSeq system. The Genomics Core Laboratory in the department of Pathology is pleased to offer this research enabling technology to the scientific community at New York Medical College.

Using a massively parallel sequencing approach, the Illumina MiSeq is capable of generating gigabases of high quality sequence in a single run maximizing throughput while minimizing the cost and time taken to generate this data. The MiSeq uses sequencing by synthesis (SBS) technology which is the most successful and widely-adopted next-generation sequencing platform worldwide. MiSeq sequencer can produce 2 x 250 paired-end reads and up to 8.5 Gb of data in a single run, allowing investigators to assemble small genomes and process more samples in less time. It allows the shortest sample-to-data workflow for every project.


The Genomics Core Lab is established to allow individual investigators access to state of the art genomics equipment. The core laboratory will provide access to Illumina MiSeq apparatus and data analysis system. Our core lab has established a workflow involving: project consultation, sample quality check, DNA or RNA sequencing library preparation and data generation for each sequencing project. The Core will provide bio-informatics support for the procedures performed and will assist the investigators in data analysis. The Genomics Lab provides the following sequencing services:

De novo sequencing/re-sequencing of Genomes
Transcriptome/mRNA sequencing
Small/micro RNA
ChIP sequencing

Service Request:

Investigators who would like to request services should arrange a consultation with Dr. Caroline Ojaimi and should fill out and sign a requisition form. The services provided will be based on the order it is received.


Dr Caroline Ojaimi, PhD, Lab Director
Department of Pathology, BSB room 409
Ph: 914-594-3808 (office)
Ph: 914-594-4628 (Lab)

Dr. John T. Fallon III, MD, PhD
Chairman of Pathology
BSB room 413
Ph: 914-594-4150
Fax: 914-594-4163