New York Medical College


Instrument And Design Shop

The fully equipped Instrument and Design Shop specializes in the manufacture of experimental research and prototype equipment.

Equipment Located in the Basic Sciences Building, the Instrument Shop has extensive experience machining, fabricating and assembly of various types of metal alloys and plastics. The shop uses a computer-aided design program to assist in the manufacture of complex instruments. The shop also performs mechanical repair of small laboratory equipment.


Examples of recent projects include:

  • Perfusion Chambers
  • Microscope Stages
  • Stereotactic Apparatuses
  • Temperature Controlled Chambers
  • Temperature Controlled Surgical Table
  • Nitric Oxide Sensing Chamber
  • Photo-Multiplier Housings and adaptors
  • Custom Electrophoresis Combs


Justin Johnson
Instrument and Design Shop
New York Medical College
Basic Sciences Building- Butler
Valhalla, NY 10595

Phone: (914) 594-4024
Fax: (914) 462-3330