New York Medical College


ORA Applications and awards


More than 100 of our scientists and physicians are engaged in vital research activities. The Office of Research Administration is committed to assisting these researchers in finding new sources of biomedical research funding.

Pre-Award Services:

  • Provides access to matching email alert services and computerized funding opportunity searches.
  • Provides consultation about all aspects of proposal preparation, from interpretation of instructions to preparing a budget and required forms.
  • As the authorized institutional office, endorses and provides the institutional signature for all applications that are approved for submission.


Post-Award Services:

  • Reviews, negotiates and accepts all grant and contract awards on behalf of the College.
  • Authorizes initiation of all research projects and sponsored academic programs on behalf of the College.
  • Informs principal investigators and Grants Accounting of the terms and conditions of awards.
  • Serves as the institutional prior approval authority, authorizing or requesting required funding agency approval for significant modifications.
  • Coordinates submission of final reports.
  • Assists, facilitates and manages technology transfer, patent procurement and licensing of novel technology for faculty members.
  • negotiates and manages research relationships with industry.
  • Manages intellectual property, negotiates license and related research agreements.