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The Office of Research Administration announces the availability of a web-based system that provides the NYMC community with a database of funding opportunities, a database of investigator profiles and a matching alert service. SPINPlus consists of 3 elements:

SPIN (Sponsored Programs Information Network) is a research funding opportunities database designed to provide up-to-date information on current national and international government and private funding sources.

GENIUS (Global Expertise Network for Industry, University and Scholars) is a global web-based database which contains profiles entered and maintained by scholars and researchers at leading universities and research institutions throughout the world. GENIUS provides a searchable resource for identifying talent and expertise for industry/university partnering, global partnering and sponsored funding matches.

SMARTS (SPIN Matching And Research Transmittal Service) is an electronic matching and funding opportunity notification system which provides investigators with a direct and targeted electronic link to comprehensive and current national and international research funding information. The investigator profile information is collected via forms in GENIUS and used for matching with the SPIN database. Matching is conducted on a daily basis and programs are automatically e-mailed to each researcher.

You can access InfoEd at Click on GENIUS in the upper right hand corner.

Create a SMARTS/GENIUS Profile. Instructions are available here. This will enable you to receive the daily SMARTS e-mail alerts that are specific to your research interests. You will be asked to create a user name and password, which only you can access. It will take approximately one business day for your profile to be validated and available. You will be able to edit your profile as necessary.

Caution: You will need to select key words for your SMARTS alerts; it may be advisable to use targeted key words rather than broad categories to limit the number of daily alerts you receive.

Activate SMARTS, the daily research opportunity alert system. For instructions, use the InfoEd Quick Reference Card available here, or the SPINPlus Tutorial available on the GENIUS/SMARTS page, under “Help”.

You may run a SPIN search at any time to get a listing of available funding opportunities that match any chosen criteria. Use your browser to go to InfoEd at Click on SPIN in the upper right hand corner. Then click on SPIN. If required, enter your username and password and click “Login”. (No user name or password is needed if you are using a computer within the NYMC domain.)

From here you can either run a Quick Search or an Advanced Search. For instructions use the InfoEd Quick Reference Card available here, or the SPINPlus Tutorial available on the SPIN Search page, under “Help”.


Candace Below - or
InfoEd Support - 800-727-6427, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Lea Emmett, NYMC ORA: 914-594-2600,