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ORA Submitting Grants Electronically


This quick reference is designed to give PIs an overview of the procedures necessary for electronic submission through It will address:

Downloading the application viewer
Searching Grant Opportunities
Downloading the Application Package
Receiving Program Announcement Updates
Completing Application Packages
Submitting the Application

Downloading the application viewer

From click “Apply for Grants” on the left. Click on “Download a Grant Application Package.” Download and install Adobe Reader.

Searching Grant Opportunities

All applications must be submitted in response to a program announcement, either a specific subject-related announcement or a generic announcement. Most program announcements are published in the NIH Guide

To locate a specific solicitation, from click on “Find Grant Opportunities” on the right. Search by key word or Funding Opportunity (Program Announcement) Number or browse by category or agency. (The CFDA Number is not required for NIH proposals.) When you have identified the specific Program Announcement to which you want to apply, select and open it.

N.B. The Program Announcement for unsolicited or investigator-initiated (parent grant) applications can be found at

Downloading the Application Package

From within the Announcement Synopsis, click on “Link to Full Announcement.” From the actual full Program Announcement, click the “Apply for Grant Electronically” button and follow the instructions to download and save the application forms and instructions. Save the Program Announcement.

Receiving Program Announcement Updates

When you click on “download” you will be given an opportunity to register for notification of any changes to the grant opportunity. It would be wise to register.

Completing Application Packages

  • Open the application. About midpage you will see the forms and files needed to apply.
  • Complete all required forms and any optional forms mandated by the Program Announcement.
  • Prepare all attachments. (All attachments must be in .pdf format which requires Adobe Acrobat or another software to create .pdf files.) (You may find it easier to work in Word or Word Perfect until the attachments are finalized.)
  • Move each completed form with its attachments into the corresponding Completed Documents for Submission box.
  • Save your application repeatedly as you make changes.
  • Check for and correct errors.


Submitting the Application

  • Completed applications are due in the Office of Research Administration two weeks before the deadline. Remember, the error-free application must be accepted by both and eRA Commons by the published deadline.
  • As soon as you notify the Office of Research Administration that you are planning to submit a proposal, a folder will be created for your application on the College server at file://Rsrchserv/grant_submissions$. You will be able to access your folder if you log onto the College domain. If you do not, you will have to use the Citrix Web Access from For detailed instructions to set up Citrix access, see the web site at:
  • Save your application. Give it a unique name –

PI last name-Program Announcement Number-due date month and year, e.g., Smith-RFA-HL-00-000-02-07 -
and copy it into the folder created for you. If you plan to access your folder from a remote location, contact the Office of Research Administration.

  • Let the Office of Research Administration know your application is complete and bring one hard copy and the completed signed College forms to the Office of Research Administration.


Please Note

The error-free application must be complete and accepted by both and eRA Commons by the published deadline.

  • The Office of Research Administration will be happy to review a draft of the proposal before the two-week deadline. Bring one copy to the Office.
  • It is not necessary for you to register with, the College is registered already.
  • If you do not already have an eRA Commons account, ask the Office of Research Administration to create one for you.
  • If you have an account, make sure your profile is up to date.


Useful Links

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NYMC Administrative Information for Proposal Preparation
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NYMC Electronic Submission Folders

Please Call the Office of Research Administration at 594-4480 if you have any questions or encounter any difficulties.

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