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Book Drive

Every year AMWA hosts a book drive where students allow us to sell their books and allow AMWA to keep 20% of the book price. The rest is mailed to the student. Students may also choose to donate their books to the AMWA book drive. See example below.

To participate in the book drive please fill out the form below. Write your book name with edition and price desired. There is a maximum of 25 books per submission. If you wish to add more books please fill out a second form. Also be sure to fill out a correct address so that we may send your book money to the correct place. Please note that books older than 2 editions from the current edition will not be accepted.

Thank you for participating and we hope to see you at our book drop off dates soon!

This coming year’s drop off date(s) are:


We will be sending an email with further information.

Please use this reservation form:

Example of reimbursement:
If you sell a book for $10.00, AMWA will keep $2.00 and mail you $8.00.