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Gender Equity Awards

Gender Equity Awards

AMWA’s goal in developing this award was to help create an environment where all future physicians treat each other, staff, colleagues, other health professionals and their future patients with appropriate respect and sensitivity. This award is designed to acknowledge the efforts of a physician, faculty member, or administrator who has demonstrated commitment to the above in both their professional demeanor and activities and in their teaching responsibilities.

2011 winner is:
Dr. Stanley Passo
Dr. Stanley Passo

2011 nominees:
Dr. Jan Geliebter
Dr. Stanley Passo
Dr. Ofelia Martinez
Dr. Sally Schwab
Dr. Alan Springer

Previous Winners:
Reinhard E. Zachrau, MD (2006)
Norman Levine, PhD (2007)
Matthew Pravetz, PhD (2008)
Susan Olson, PhD (2009)
Ken Lerea, PhD (2010)