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Welcome to the Office of the Bursar. Below is information for students enrolled in the Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences.

Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences Policies


Useful Forms:

Health Insurance Selection Form

Accelerated BMS Selection Form

BC/BS Notice of Election Form

Deferred Tuition Application and Payment Clearance Form

Credit Card Mail-In Registration Form

Student's who have an outstanding balance from a prior semester will have a hold placed on their student account. This hold will not allow them to register until the outstanding balance is paid in full.

Payment for tuition and fees can be made by check, money order or credit card (master card and visa only). No cash payments are accepted. A student may choose to apply for financial aid to cover tuition costs.

Student may apply for the deferred tuition payment plan offered through New York Medical College. Please note if you have defaulted on a payment plan in a prior semester you are no longer eligible to utilize the deferred payment plan.

Please bring proper documentation if you are a New York Medical College employee, an employee at a NYMC affiliated institution, a spouse or dependent child of a NYMC employee.

NYMC EMPLOYEE: Regular full-time or regular part-time Non-Union employees with at least one year of College service are eligible for tuition remission.

If in full-time employment status, tuition reimbursement is 100% for up to eighteen credits a year (6 credits semester). If part-time employment status, Tuition reimbursement will be on a pro-rata basis. Employees pay all fees except entrance fee. Prior to each semester's registration, obtain and complete the Application for Graduate School Remission Form (HR-67).

This form needs to be approved by the College's Human Resource Department in order to verify current employment status.

Spouses and dependent children of regular full-time NYMC employees with at least one year of college service are eligible for tuition remission of 25% for up to eighteen credits a year (6 credits per semester). They must also get the HR-67 form from the Human Resources Dept. and get it approved.

NYMC employees, who work at an affiliated institution, must get a letter verifying employment. It must be on the hospitals letterhead. You will eligible to a 10% reduction in tuition cost.

Employees who are 1199 union members are covered for educational benefits under the union plan. An official copy of grades received and a receipt verifying that tuition has been paid must be submitted to the union before reimbursement can be made.

Health Insurance

It is the Graduate School policy that all full-time PhD students, all Accelerated Master’s Program students, all matriculated international students, and all students living on-campus must have personal health insurance coverage.

The college maintains a student group contract with Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Greater New York; the following rates apply (BC/BS Notice of Election form). Full-time students who elected to have health insurance coverage can view the Empire BC/BS PPO Summary of Benefits. Students who elect not to participate in this plan must provide proof of medical and hospitalization insurance coverage prior to registration.

The benefits administrator for the student plan is the University Bursar Diane Alexander. She can be reached at (914)594-4319.

We are including a link to the Blue Cross Web site for your convenience.

Updated: November 11, 2015